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Why homosexuality is a hot topic these days

What real doctors say on this subject.

1. “Congratulations, it’s a boy!”
2. “Congratulations, it’s a girl!”

3. “Um, I’m not really sure what this is.” – no doctor, ever.

I realize that there are extremely rare instances of birth defects during the gestational period, but even in those extremely rare cases one part is functional and the other is not. I have authoritative references on that if anyone is dumb enough to try to dispute the above statement.

This is always considered a medical/clinical defect and is in no way related to being transgender, which is a mental/psychological identity issue that has manifested itself within the individual, in my opinion, despite it being declassified as such decades ago. My opinion is based upon direct observation, BTW, and not on some emotional rant like I see from the LGBT community.

I’m not saying they are mentally handicapped.  There are many heterosexual individuals whose choices and actions are also the result of mental/psychological anomalies that have developed over the years.

My own mixed feelings about social interaction are most likely the result of one of those anomalies, but I can choose to shutdown those feelings.  Emotions can be turned off.  Military and first responders have to do this all the time.  So does anyone backed into a corner who has to shutdown various emotions temporarily in order to take action to survive.  Even emotional response is a choice.

From a biblical perspective, these are called strongholds that are buried in the subconscious.  Strongholds can be positive or negative.  Ignoring this fact and trying to say that sexual preference isn’t a choice is like saying the desire to buy a coke at the movie theater isn’t a choice

I can play devils advocate and argue that you don’t have a choice in buying a coke because I can embed images into the video playing on the screen that plants a subliminal message prompting you to go buy a coke.  Your choice is irrelevant.

Do you believe in free will or not?

If you say the homosexual lifestyle is not a choice, then you have already answered my question.

Why is same sex relationships such a big issue now?  Because the LGBT community has made it so.  I very rarely said anything about LGBT issues unless directly asked up until a few years ago.  I did this for a reason.  I don’t tell someone, who obviously doesn’t follow G-d’s Word, that what they are doing goes against G-d’s Word unless directly asked. When I used to be an atheist, the worst thing you could do is attempt to witness to me, you wouldn’t like the responses you would get and we would end up going down a very deep hole on the subject.  When asked my view on homosexuality, I had a very thought out and specific response and the person on the receiving end was usually receptive to my response, even though it was not condoning their past lifestyle choices, because they genuinely wanted an honest answer.

However, since the LGBT community is pushing this into the mainstream, I and many like me have become a lot more vocal on the subject.  It keeps being brought up in the public for discussion and has become a big political movement that has forced everyone down a very deep hole due to how it is being interwoven into all forms of media and public discussion, all without any desire for honest answers.  Knock and you shall receive, ask and it shall be given to you whether you really wanted it or not.

If you get enough drunks out in the street, alcoholism suddenly becomes a hot topic of public discussion. Show enough pics of battered wives and spousal abuse becomes a hot topic.

The hot topic of homosexual behavior will only get hotter the more public exposure it gets and the LGBT community will only get angrier and more discontent as those who choose to stand their ground on G-d’s Word dig their roots deeper into the ground and respond publicly to what the LGBT community keeps forcing into the public eye.

The world says we are all equal.  G-d says we must be set apart from the world.  By being set apart, we are not entirely equal and we never will be.  The goal of the LGBT community and the rest of the world is to destroy that which is holy.  That which is set apart.  It is the same reason as for the conflict in the middle east.

Why do I keep bringing this up?  I guess I don’t have a choice.  I was born this way…lol

For those reading this post who disagree with me:

If you comment on this and try to say that I’m a hate monger or being judgmental, then you are calling yourself a hate monger because you are making an unfounded judgment call about me based on a few paragraphs of text that happens to disagree with one of the biggest golden calf sins out there.  G-d doesn’t make one sin bigger or smaller than another.  Man does by how arrogantly he flaunts his “big” sins.  Sexual impurity, pornography and adultery are also really big or a better word is popular sins.  When a ain becomes popular, it will be a subject of discussion among Christians both private and public.  Doesn’t really matter what sin it is.  I don’t gate gay people or anyone else who actively and habitually practice a sinful lifestyle..  If I did, I wouldn’t say anything and let themthem all continue over the eternal cliff side in peace.

I will be discussing more about pornography at a later date.


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