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Jihad declared against social media – https://www.trulyworthy.com/2017/05/jihad-declared-social-media/

So, today I got banned from posting anything to Facebook for 24 hours because of a meme I posted.  Granted, it’s a very offensive, in your face meme and most if not all of the words on it are words I would never use with the exception of “gay” and perhaps “lesbo”.

The point of my creating the meme and posting it was that Facebook is doing this to conservative Christian pages who post “gay marriage” when discussing religious and political views.  They are not using these words to offend people or to incite hate.  These are all words that I have heard as a kid, primarily on prime time television!

Facebook has been very notorious for inconsistent and off the wall interpretation of their own Terms of Service.  I am pretty certain that there is nothing in their ToS about not being able to say something because it disagrees with one or more Facebook staff members own personal political views or the personal political views of one or more of Facebook users.  If it does, then they should just shut their network completely down because everyone will get offended by something!

The bible actually ties into this because G-d goes completely out of His way to offend when there is a purpose behind it.  One only needs to look at the Plagues of Egypt to see this.  Each plague was a direct insult to one or more Egyptian false gods!  Then in Ezekiel, when G-d had it appear as though Ezekiel was handling human poop in the temple.  I can’t even begin to imagine how outrageously offensive that would have been to Jewish onlookers.  Jesus offended so badly that He was crucified for what He had to say.

My point is that everyone on this planet needs to grow the crap up!  Suck it up!  Take a joke.  I used Angry Kid in my meme for a reason.  We have become a society where truth is not allowed to be spoken and Freedom of Speech is under siege.

Needless to say, my jihad against this trend is just getting started.


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