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ISIS v2.0 – the LGBT False Doctrine Agenda – https://www.trulyworthy.com/2017/06/isis-v2-0-lgbt-false-doctrine-agenda/

So, they don’t see both the irony and the stupidity in this? Not trying to equate the LGBT with the civil rights movement for black Americans or Women, because they are so not anything close to those things, but, if you truly want civil liberties, which isn’t what the LGBT want, you legislate it. You garner support from the very people with whom it is being oppressed, aka the general population. That’s how women were allowed to vote and that is how black Americans obtained the rights that they should never have had to fight for, but did through the legislative process….in which a majority of both sides of Congress elect their rights into place. Not through strong arming, or media manipulation to convince future generations that it is normal. No one has ever had to manipulate children into believing heterosexual behavior is normal, because it is natural and homosexuality is not natural but the byproduct of psychological issues.

Instead, the LGBT has bullied their way through the judicial branch, not the.legislative, not by winning intellectually or rationally, but by force and bribery at the judicial level and not for increased civil rights. If that’s what they wanted they would have legislated for additional provisions of a Civil Union. No, they want to force acceptance onto everyone of their lifestyle choices. Something no one else has ever attempted to do.

I, for one, sure as hell would not want a cake baker making a cake for my wedding if that person was a Muslim, because I am a Messianic Christian. Our religious views are completely incompatible and the only way that there could not be animosity there is if one of both of us was lying about what we are. It would be wreckless and irrational of me to think otherwise.

Yet we see LGBT attempting to force Evangelical Christians to endorse their lifestyle, which is in direct opposition to the very fiber and core of the Word of G-d and G-d’s own heart. Rebellion is not compatible with obedience to Christ. The only way it would be compatible is if someone is lying about what they are.



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