Repentance – Tashuvah, Metanoia, knocking on the door –


Is Ray Comfort committing heresy?   Is he teaching a Salvation by works message?  Absolutely not!  He is teaching what most of the Church refuses to teach these days, the TRUTH!

To those who claim he is committing heresy, show me where the “Prayer of Salvation” is at in the Bible. I will be waiting a long time because it isn’t in there. That prayer is man made construct, a “works of salvation” no different than the works of the Pharisees if that is all you think it takes to “be saved”. One 30 second repetitive prayer does not open up heaven to anyone for any reason. Something else must happen first before the kingdom of heaven will acknowledge you.

I prayed that prayer once, in what I would call a “peer pressure salvation” at the age of 13. At the age of 15, I renounced G-d the Father, G-d the Son and G-d the Holy Spirit and began explaining to everyone in the Christian school I attended how utterly insane it was to believe in a god of any kind. I also trashed my Bible by writing mockery in it and renaming it the unholy Bible. I had become a Gnostic Atheist, evolutionist and anti-supernaturalist. And I continued on this path for nine years, relentlessly going back and forth with anyone who would dare question me or attempt to witness to me about anything to do with G-d. I had all the answers and everyone else just needed greater “scientific” understanding.

Repentance, the Greek Metanoia, and the Hebrew Teshuvah all point to a turning away and having a changed/renewed mind. The Hebrew actually means not only to turn away but to return from that to which you came, which would be that through which all was created, Christ Jesus.

We saw this type of repentance on Calvary. The one thief that Jesus said would be with Him in Paradise, recognized Jesus for who He was, truly recognized Him and mourned having not recognized Him previously. The thief then admitted that he deserved the same fate as the other thief who was not going with Jesus. It was Jesus who pronounced him saved, not himself.

We do not find Jesus. Jesus finds us. It is us who are lost….not the other way around. It is us who need turning around, not the other way around.

Repent, or be deceived.

Now, after salvation, there are works. Not to be saved, but as the fruit of your salvation. One of the very first works, is the Mikvah, the baptismal, the ceremonial cleansing pool commanded to both believing Jew and Gentile. Is this absolutely required for salvation? No, it wasn’t required of the thief on the cross! How could the thief perform the Mikvah? He couldn’t. But if he had a second to do it, you could bet the farm that he would and would have fulfilled the public announcement, like a wedding ceremony, that he was born again, a new person having been made complete in Jesus.

Once saved, you have the rest of your natural life on this Earth, for ever how long that lasts, to continue repenting of your sins daily. Do a Google for the unrepenting repenter for all the examples of false repentance.

They are:

1. You may reform in the actions without repenting in the heart.

2. You may experience the emotion of repentance without the effect of it.

3. You may confess the words of a true repenter and never repent.

4. You may repent for the fear of reprisal alone and not for the hatred of sin.

5. You may talk against sin in public like a true repenter but never repent in private.

6. You may repent primarily for temporal gains rather than the glory of God.

7. You may repent of lesser sins for the purpose of avoiding the greater sins.

8. You may repent so generally that you never repent of any specific sin at all.

9. You may repent for the love of friends and religious leaders and not repent for the love of God.

10. You may confess the finished action of sin and not repent from the continuing habit of sin.

11. You may attempt repentance of your sin while consciously leaving open the door of its opportunity.

12. You may make an effort to repent of some sins without repenting of all the sin you know.


ISIS v2.0 – the LGBT False Doctrine Agenda –

So, they don’t see both the irony and the stupidity in this? Not trying to equate the LGBT with the civil rights movement for black Americans or Women, because they are so not anything close to those things, but, if you truly want civil liberties, which isn’t what the LGBT want, you legislate it. You garner support from the very people with whom it is being oppressed, aka the general population. That’s how women were allowed to vote and that is how black Americans obtained the rights that they should never have had to fight for, but did through the legislative process….in which a majority of both sides of Congress elect their rights into place. Not through strong arming, or media manipulation to convince future generations that it is normal. No one has ever had to manipulate children into believing heterosexual behavior is normal, because it is natural and homosexuality is not natural but the byproduct of psychological issues.

Instead, the LGBT has bullied their way through the judicial branch, not the.legislative, not by winning intellectually or rationally, but by force and bribery at the judicial level and not for increased civil rights. If that’s what they wanted they would have legislated for additional provisions of a Civil Union. No, they want to force acceptance onto everyone of their lifestyle choices. Something no one else has ever attempted to do.

I, for one, sure as hell would not want a cake baker making a cake for my wedding if that person was a Muslim, because I am a Messianic Christian. Our religious views are completely incompatible and the only way that there could not be animosity there is if one of both of us was lying about what we are. It would be wreckless and irrational of me to think otherwise.

Yet we see LGBT attempting to force Evangelical Christians to endorse their lifestyle, which is in direct opposition to the very fiber and core of the Word of G-d and G-d’s own heart. Rebellion is not compatible with obedience to Christ. The only way it would be compatible is if someone is lying about what they are.

America and the Zombie Apocalypse –

“Clinton launches new campaign against Trump”

That’s a headline I just saw come across my screen.

The witch so stupid she don’t realize that the election was over six months ago! Her followers so stupid that they believe everything that comes out her mouth. They talk about Trump followers supporting Trump even if he crapped on his desk but they eating crap every single day like the libtards that they are.

I am so over stupid people and their complete idiocracy. Half this nation needs to be air dropped straight into Syria. They have gone beyond pathetic, to the point of no return to sanity. Whatever they think they stand for, they destroyed by their own actions. They are NOT Americans. They don’t deserve to be called that anymore. I don’t recognize them as that anymore. If that makes them angrier, good! Maybe they will all reach stroke stage and make America great again.

People have suddenly dropped dead in the Bible for things that are about at this level. Just read the book of Acts and you will see. People need to chillax, repent and rethink what they are doing and the impact they are having, not just in the now, but for generations to come. The way things are going, suddenly drawing their last breath really would make America great again. It has nothing to do with politics anymore.

It has everything to do with the way people carry themselves. Like decent civilized human beings or ravenous brain dead zombies hell bent on having their way no matter what.

The Trump Phenomena –

The past six months or so has revealed a very ugly side to our nation.  The liberal left has gone completely full retard with their constant, never ending baseless criticism and hateful propaganda that is unprecedented against any sitting President ever in the history of this nation.  Every claim made against Trump has been proven to be completely false.  They continually claim anonymous sources and then expect anyone to take them seriously when challenged on the sources.  Even their own media chain has blatant contradictions in it.  The original Reuters story on the 18 times the Trump campaign made contact with someone from Russia, the article clearly states that there was no wrong doing in any of those contacts.  In fact, it was the jobs of the people who made contact to make contact with foreign officials.  The whole Russian narrative has become ridiculously absurd and when you point that out, you only get more hate filled sound bytes from idiot liberals who can’t seem to actually think for themselves.

Why am I discussing this?  Because our nation’s credibility and our President’s respect are truly worthy subjects.  Trump deserves at least an ounce of respect from the left.  Instead he is getting dished out the exact opposite of respect in every way possible and imaginable.  It’s like everyone on the left had a mini stroke when he was elected President and are now schizophrenically insane.  And I will go as far as to say on here what I have said on social media, that these idiots are a waste of perfectly good oxygen.  I have absolutely zero respect for anyone who acts in this manner.  I spoke out about Obama many times in the past eight years and many times I was attacked on it, sometimes from both sides.  So I could really care less how much I offend the left with my statements on here.

The fact of the matter is that G-d puts people into positions of authority.  Both good and bad.  Yes, He puts bad people into positions at times too, for a purpose.  He also sometimes allows people to develop cancer to bring them closer to Him.  There was a discussion about that last night.  The person talking about it made the comment that many don’t believe G-d would work in that way, but He most certainly does.  You see, the Angel of Death that killed all first born in Egypt where the lamb’s blood was not on the door post, that was not Lucifer.  Nor was it a demon.  It was the Angel of Death, G-d the Father Himself! The bible clearly states that the Angel of Death is G-d the Father!  Unleashed onto Egypt as a form of judgement.  That was also an act of love.  Many people don’t have a clue what love actually is.  The bible clearly tells us though.

People that allow their feelings to define what is “mean-spirited” and “love” are weak and need to go back to scripture and learn the true meaning of love. I guess it is mean spirited and hateful when a mother suddenly turns into a mama bear. Here’s one for you to think about, when G-d destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, that was an act of love. When He casts many into the fiery pit at the end of time, it will be done in love. G-d is love, and G-d never changes, just our own personal attitudes and thoughts change.

When someone blows a foot in diameter hole in the chest cavity of an intruder entering their home, that’s called love. Got it yet? You will figure it out eventually. And people call Christians narrow minded. Your the one putting love in a box.

Love is meek.  The word translated meek actually means great strength restrained.  Think of an Ox under a yoke, or a lion on a chain.  Neither is weak.  Neither is passive by any means and if unleashed, both will completely shred anything that stands in their way or is a threat to them or anything they concern themselves with.  The smarter ones who would stand against these creatures would run for their lives when these creatures are unleashed.  That is love, its a force to be reckoned with.  Love is also obedience.  Jesus said this.  “If you love me, you will abide in my words.”

I’m deeply saddened by the lack of love in our nation right now.  The left has so polluted their own ground that they have nothing to stand on anymore.  Truly the scriptures are prophetic when it is written that love will wax cold.