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Jenny’s Musings

Jenny was my wife and blessing of almost 9 years.  The blessing keeps coming long after her crossing over into heaven.  The Lord set us apart from the busyness of the church world for a season.  We had gotten so wrapped up in serving in the church that we had almost turned church into an idol in itself.  This is why the Lord pulled us away for a season because He knew we needed room to hear His voice.  During this time, He drew us nearer, but He chose to speak to my wife quite frequently.  Below are the fruits of that season.  Some of those who know Jenny have received these in the past via email.  I feel it is now time to share them with everyone who is interested in reading.

Jenny’s Musing v1-1 – Through the Art of Plucking One’s Eyebrows

jennys musing_ v1-2 – The Porch Light

jennys musing_ v1-3 – Tipping The Scales

jennys musing_ v1-4 – The Garments We Wear

jennys musing_ v1-5 – The Turtle Dove

jennys musing_ v1-7 – Our Budgie

jennys musing_ v1-8 – The Gaffer and His Pitcher

jennys musing_ v1-9b – Mud Pies

jennys musing_ v1-10 – Tootsie

jennys musing_ v1-12 – Ruth


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